“Bad News” June 04 2017 4:20am

Alone in my thoughts.. as I suffocate Drowning in my tears struggling to keep my face straight  Gasping for air as everything in my chest caves You owe explanation for things you’ve said Because every lie, now surrounds my head As cause for every tear I shed Is this what I’m worth to you? I’veContinue reading ““Bad News” June 04 2017 4:20am”


Peaceful meditation music Hot shower on Look in the mirror as I turn my powers on I Undress her Open wider and express to her  I Notice every part of her Hug her Caress her God is in me.. So I bless her She see’s insecurity  I see beauty  I uncover her  Discover her  TouchContinue reading “Affirmation”

Different Worlds

I started out in this world. Tight. Restricted. The people in that world would tell me what to believe in. I just felt that something was missing. I rebelled. To go against the grain set me free. I began to feel more things happening, inside of me. I began to feel like my body andContinue reading “Different Worlds”

Post meditation 05/27/20 6:28am

Today I will experiment with freedom  I will Freely express my feelings and emotions  Nothing will provoke me because I am truly at peace  My piece of mind.. no one can take away from me  So I will hold onto that  Some will tell me I’m wrong for that They will go on with thatContinue reading “Post meditation 05/27/20 6:28am”