Different Worlds

I started out in this world. Tight. Restricted.

The people in that world would tell me what to believe in.

I just felt that something was missing.

I rebelled.

To go against the grain set me free.

I began to feel more things happening, inside of me.

I began to feel like my body and my mind was speaking.

I was listening.

My new world consist of freedom and enlightenment.

My new world is so much more exciting and…

My new world is just the perfect environment.

Before, it was the opposite.

I met a friend.

His world was competitive.

His fix was from adrenaline.

Making sport of any situation that he found himself in.

I made conversation with a little girl.

She had the happiest world.

Full of fiction.

Absolutely nothing that she didn’t have confidence in.

Your world consists of what ever you like.

You may be restricted with a set of rules

You may be free with an open mind

Enlightened with knowledge

or simply blind.

You can be choosy.. have one

or experience every kind.

Minimalist with no worries

Materialistic with anxiety



I think you get it.

You create your world. It’s what you choose in life, to surround yourself with. They change and grow as you do. It comes with an aura. It’s your happy place and your journey.

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