Why do we feel entitled to love from certain people? … Free me

Although you’re not around, you’re always here

Rather I like it or not, you’re here more than the rest

You are embedded deeply, into my flesh

Some of my ways derive from you

Even though I’ve cried for you, more than you knew 

No matter how many times you’ve walked out my mental door

When I look in the mirror, my eyes are yours

You’ll say that you think of me constantly, but you’re never around

You tell me you love me, is that not profound?

You shed a few tears, and I think that you’ve changed

But then, I’m the one returning to YOUR old ways

Is that wrong? Does that not make any sense?

The thought of your blood running through my veins… it’s so intense

When boys tell me I’m pretty, I think of you

You should be there, and that should be your cue

You made my body, just to neglect

How could you create something that you won’t protect?

One day you’ll look up and I’m not around

Remember that I am love and friendship that you ever so ignorantly never found.

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