September 28, 2015 3:04am. Me and you.. Eclipse

An eclipse is something strong.. something powerful..Obscure

It’s really a beautiful thing if you look at it my way..Really both physically and emotionally .. When I first learned what an eclipse was..8th grade staring into my science book encapsulated ..It was beautiful to me, the first thing I thought was that the Moon covers the sun because she’s shy. But she can be herself with him..Behind him, she’s not afraid to show him her true colors (The blazing, beautiful Vibrant Red color when there is an eclipse) When the world can see her she chooses to be one color…Yellow, yellow is the color of happiness, enlightenment, Optimism. That’s only when the world is watching. But when the moon is in front of her she’s comfortable, she shows her fury. Life is not just about being happy.. without the falls, our jumps wouldn’t be so high. It’s important for the person you love to see both sides. Red is known as a color that is very emotionally intense. That’s why it’s my favorite, and if that’s what color she turns when he’s right there in front of her..then he is what she needs. All this time I’ve wondered where the universe was..what the whole thing looks like, I’ve wanted to know for so long if I could hold it in the palm of my hands..what would it look like? HAVE you ever wondered? Well that’s impossible right. Well I think I found it, and I know that it’s beautiful. My handsome..My rare..My eclipse

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